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Half Day Speed Reading Intensive for Elementary School Students: “Elementary Adventure Mastery: Half-Day Speed Reading for Young Scholars”

Welcome to “Elementary Adventure Mastery,” a half-day speed reading intensive designed to unlock the reading potential of young scholars. In today’s fast-paced world, effective reading skills are more important than ever, and this workshop aims to equip elementary school students with the tools they need to become confident and proficient readers. Over the course of this immersive session, students will embark on a journey of discovery, exploring techniques to enhance their reading speed, comprehension, and enjoyment of literature.

The workshop begins with an exploration of the fundamentals of speed reading, introducing students to techniques such as skimming, scanning, and chunking. Through interactive exercises and engaging activities, students will learn how to read more efficiently, allowing them to cover larger volumes of text in less time. By mastering these foundational skills, students will lay the groundwork for future academic success and lifelong learning.

As the workshop progresses, students will delve deeper into strategies to improve their comprehension and retention of information. Through guided practice and group discussions, students will learn how to identify main ideas, extract key details, and make meaningful connections between concepts. Additionally, they will discover the importance of active reading techniques, such as annotating and summarizing, in enhancing their understanding of texts across various subjects. In the final part of the workshop, students will have the opportunity to apply their newfound skills to real-world reading tasks and challenges. Whether it’s tackling textbooks, articles, or storybooks, students will approach each reading task with confidence and enthusiasm. By the end of the session, students will emerge as empowered readers, equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate the vast world of literature with ease and enjoyment. Through “Elementary Adventure Mastery,” students will embark on a transformative journey that will shape their reading habits and academic success for years to come.


  1. Increase Reading Speed: Teach elementary school students techniques to read faster without sacrificing comprehension.

  2. Enhance Comprehension: Improve students’ ability to understand and retain information while reading at an accelerated pace.

  3. Introduce Active Reading Strategies: Familiarize students with active reading techniques such as annotation and summarization to deepen their engagement with texts.

  4. Build Vocabulary: Expand students’ vocabulary by exposing them to a wide range of texts and encouraging them to explore new words and concepts.

  5. Promote Love for Reading: Cultivate a love for reading by making the process enjoyable and rewarding through interactive and engaging activities.

  6. Boost Confidence: Instill confidence in students by demonstrating their progress in reading speed and comprehension throughout the workshop.

  7. Develop Critical Thinking Skills: Encourage students to think critically about the material they read, analyze different perspectives, and form their own opinions.

  8. Provide Practical Skills: Equip students with practical skills that they can apply to various reading tasks, including textbooks, articles, and storybooks.

In conclusion, “Elementary Adventure Mastery” offers young scholars a valuable opportunity to enhance their reading skills and embark on a journey of discovery. Through engaging activities and expert guidance, students have gained the tools they need to read faster, comprehend better, and enjoy literature more fully. As they continue their academic journey, we trust that the skills and confidence they’ve gained in this workshop will serve them well in all their future reading endeavors.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$289.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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