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60 Minutes Speed Reading Mastery for Elementary School Students: “Elementary Speed Surge: Elevate Reading Skills in 1 Hour for Young Minds”

Welcome to “Elementary Speed Surge,” a dynamic program designed to elevate reading skills in elementary school students within just 60 minutes. In today’s fast-paced world, strong reading abilities are more crucial than ever, serving as the foundation for academic success and lifelong learning. This workshop is tailored specifically for young minds, providing them with essential tools and techniques to read faster, comprehend better, and enjoy the journey of learning.

In this transformative session, students will embark on an exciting journey to unlock the power of speed reading. Through engaging activities, interactive exercises, and expert guidance, they will discover how to navigate texts more efficiently, absorb information effectively, and develop a love for reading. Whether they’re tackling storybooks, textbooks, or assignments, the skills acquired in this workshop will empower them to conquer any reading challenge with confidence and ease.

At the heart of “Elementary Speed Surge” lies the belief that every child has the potential to become a proficient reader. By investing just 60 minutes of their time, students will embark on a path toward enhanced reading fluency, improved comprehension, and a newfound enthusiasm for learning. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey together, where young minds will soar to new heights in their reading abilities and embrace the joy of exploration through the power of speed reading.


  1. Enhance Reading Speed: Through engaging exercises and techniques, students will learn how to increase their reading speed, allowing them to cover more material in less time.

  2. Improve Comprehension: The workshop will focus on strategies to enhance comprehension, ensuring that students not only read faster but also understand and retain information more effectively.

  3. Foster a Love for Reading: By making reading a more enjoyable and rewarding experience, the workshop aims to instill a lifelong love for books and learning in elementary school students.

  4. Build Confidence: As students develop their reading skills and see tangible improvements in their speed and comprehension, they will gain confidence in their abilities as readers.

  5. Equip with Tools for Success: Students will leave the workshop equipped with practical tools and techniques that they can continue to use to enhance their reading skills long after the session is over.

  6. Promote Lifelong Learning: By empowering students with the ability to read faster and comprehend better, the workshop ultimately aims to cultivate a culture of lifelong learning and curiosity.

In conclusion, “Elementary Speed Surge” provides elementary school students with a valuable opportunity to enhance their reading skills in just 60 minutes. Through a combination of engaging activities, expert guidance, and practical strategies, students leave the workshop equipped with the tools they need to read faster, comprehend better, and enjoy the journey of learning. By investing in their reading abilities at a young age, students not only improve their academic performance but also develop a lifelong love for reading and learning. With newfound confidence and skills, they are well-prepared to tackle any reading challenge that comes their way, setting them on a path to success both inside and outside the classroom.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: S$389.97
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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