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Lunchtime Talk Topic 27: “Mind Matters: Advanced Insights into Memory’s Role in Decision Making” 

Welcome to our Lunchtime Talk on “Mind Matters: Advanced Insights into Memory’s Role in Decision Making.” Memory plays a crucial role in our everyday decision-making processes, influencing how we perceive, evaluate, and choose among alternatives. In this session, we will explore the intricate relationship between memory and decision making, delving into the cognitive processes, biases, and heuristics that shape our choices. By gaining a deeper understanding of memory’s influence on decision making, participants will uncover valuable insights into how memory retrieval, biases, and past experiences impact the quality of our decisions. Join us as we unravel the complexities of memory’s role in decision making and discover practical strategies to enhance decision-making effectiveness through advanced memory insights.


  1. Understand Memory’s Influence on Decision Making: Participants will understand the critical role of memory in decision making, exploring how past experiences, learned information, and stored knowledge shape the decision-making process.

  2. Explore Memory-Driven Biases: Participants will explore memory-driven biases, such as confirmation bias, availability heuristic, and anchoring effect, and understand how these biases influence decision making and judgment.

  3. Investigate Memory Retrieval Processes: Participants will investigate memory retrieval processes, including recognition, recollection, and familiarity, and how these processes impact decision making under different cognitive conditions.

  4. Analyze Decision-Making Heuristics: Participants will analyze decision-making heuristics, such as recognition heuristic, fluency heuristic, and representativeness heuristic, and understand how these mental shortcuts affect decision making based on memory cues.

  5. Implement Memory Enhancement Strategies: Participants will implement memory enhancement strategies to improve decision making, including mnemonic techniques, rehearsal methods, and memory encoding strategies tailored to specific decision contexts.

  6. Evaluate Memory-Based Risk Assessment: Participants will evaluate memory-based risk assessment in decision making, examining how memory retrieval and evaluation of past experiences influence risk perception and risk-taking behavior.

  7. Cultivate Reflective Decision Making: Participants will cultivate reflective decision-making skills by integrating memory insights into their decision-making processes, fostering critical thinking, metacognition, and self-awareness in decision contexts.

  8. Develop Memory-Informed Decision Strategies: Participants will develop memory-informed decision strategies by integrating advanced memory insights into decision-making frameworks, adapting strategies to optimize memory utilization and improve decision outcomes.

As our Lunchtime Talk on “Mind Matters: Advanced Insights into Memory’s Role in Decision Making” draws to a close, we hope that you have gained valuable insights into the intricate relationship between memory and decision making. By exploring memory-driven biases, retrieval processes, and decision-making heuristics, participants have uncovered the underlying mechanisms that influence our choices in various contexts. Armed with this knowledge, we encourage you to apply memory-informed decision strategies in your professional and personal life, fostering reflective decision making and optimizing outcomes. Remember that understanding memory’s role in decision making is a continuous journey, and by cultivating awareness and utilizing memory enhancement techniques, we can navigate decision-making challenges with greater clarity and effectiveness. Thank you for joining us on this exploration of mind matters, and may your decision-making processes be enriched by the insights gained today.

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